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Mill’s Tavern’s Secret Garden

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June 2016
MT Huge stalk of brussel sprouts
Tucked away just above the side of Mill’s Tavern lies a vegetable and herb garden cultivated to bring the freshest ingredients into the restaurant’s dishes.



The compact garden not only features kitchen staples like heirloom tomatoes, basil and pepper, but it also houses a variety of unique items including cow horn pepper, chocolate mint, peas, broccoli, and Thai basil.

MT yellow peppers MT Tomatoes on the vine MT red chilis on the vineThe garden’s signature is a mysterious tall, railroad track-like metal structure that rises twenty feet above ground. Sources at the Rhode Island Historical society think that it was most likely part of the East Side Railroad tunnel, the entrance of which is behind the restaurant. What could it be? Let us know if you have an educated guess!